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1.) Be Polite and Respectful:

There is a definitive line between having fun and making jokes, and being rude and inconsiderate of others. Though you have rights to your opinions and personal beliefs. Never judge, abuse, or be condescending to other members in the community. No excessive cursing or Disturbing sexual comments.

2.) Drama and Community Issues:

If an issue does come up, which always something can and will happen, nobody is perfect. But let's keep the drama to a minimalist point. Always feel free to come to an Admin or Moderator about any issues. But if you can settle it like adults among yourselves, please do.

3.) Trolling:

An immediate punishable offense, We do not want members causing mayhem and irritating each other for petty laughs. Please keep it fun and friendly.

4.) Admin Rights:

M4D Staff are reserved and always allowed to ban or kick if they feel it deemed necessary, or are personally uncomfortable. But if you feel you are unjustly banned, please do contact another Head admin or admin and explain, we will always listen and try to make a fair judgement, but if it is a justifiable ban then it will not be overturned.

Feel free to make any suggestions to the community and ask for advice from a member of the staff.

Final Decisions will be made by agreement from ALL staff.

If you have a complaint Please notify a staff member!
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